Trailing Tomato, Hanging Basket Tomato, Indeterminate Vegetable Patio Cherry Tomato Rambling Red Stripe
Vegetable Tomato Plant
Sun to Part Sun
Water requirements are medium
Rambling red stripe grows 24 inches wide
Tomato plants have medium green leaves with red tomatos
Spring plants produce from june till frost
Tomato's are used for adding flavor to dishes, use for decorations or used for slicing and grilling.
Fertilization is medium.
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Tomato's are easy to grow plants, just water as needed, add lime,bone meal or composted manure if needed at planting for strong plants and help with blossom end rot

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Available early spring to summer

Rambling Red Stripe is a hybrid trailing patio cherry tomato they produce an abundance of tomatoes in clusters like grapes and are red with green stripe, they are great in containers or in hanging baskets only growing 12 inches tall and 24 inches wide. Rambling tomato's are medium, very early producing, sweet and can be eaten right off the vine or use in salads, best of all kids love them. Tomatos need calcium to grow healthy so add lime, bone meal, crushed egg shells, epsom salt ( for magnesium) or composted manure for strong plants and help stop blossom end rot. Heirloom tomato's are not disease resistant so prevent during summer with garden disease control or organically with copper sprays.

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