Ajuga, Bugleweed, Carpetweed, Bugleherb, Blue Bugle Ajuga Sugar Plum
Perennial Groundcover ajuga sugar plum perennial ground cover
Sun to part sun
Water requirments are low to medium
Ajuga grows 4-6 inches tall and spreading
Blue blooms with leaves that are multicolored turning from green to purple with a light variegated cream markings
Blooms spike up in spring to summer
Useful as a potted plant, can be used in mixed containers, low growing ground cover is great for borders or mass plantings and is deer resistant
Fertilization is very light use a slow release fertilizer twice a year
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Ajuga is very easy to grow tolerant of most soil conditions and watering it is a staple perennial because of it is so easy to grow

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Available spring and fall Ajuga Sugar Plum is a new form of burgandy glow a ground cover with leaves turning multicolored but with a much cleaner color form and can be used as a mass planting, an edging, mixed containers or a ground cover to help with soil erosion it is a very versatile perennial plant that is easy to grow and is a staple in most perennial gardens. The other great thing about ajuga is that deer don't like to eat it.
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